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Beaphar Joint Tablets 60 Pack Beaphar Joint Tablets 60 Pack
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A vet strength formula with Glucosamine, Chondroitin and Vitamin E to maintain your dog's joints, helping to keep them supple for smooth, pain free movement. Beaphar Joint Tablets contain high levels of Glucosamine which aids in the production and rebuilding of cartilage, allowing for smoother joint movement. Also rich in Chondroitin (which is often used in human healthcare for its anti-inflammato…
Beaphar Salmon Oil 425ml Beaphar Salmon Oil 425ml
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Salmon oil is a tasty complementary food that assist with a dogs digestion. Salmon oil contains the fatty acids Omega 3 and 6 in the correct balance to help ensure a healthy heart and blood vessels. Salmon oil keeps the joints supple, gives extra energy and has a beneficial effect on reproduction and nerve function. Salmon oil is recommended as an energy source for energetic dogs that take a lot o…
Canigest 30ml Canigest 30ml
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TRM Canigest is a complementary feeding stuff for dogs and cats combining a probiotic, prebiotics, glutamine, kaolin and pectin. It is particularly suitable for feeding to dogs to assist in the nutritional management of digestive tract upsets.
Johnsons 4Joints 100ml Johnsons 4Joints 100ml
6 in stock
Johnsons 4 joints 100ml. Helps to ease joint stiffness, discomfort & promotes joint mobility. Contains Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Vitamin C and MSM. For Dogs and Cats.
Johnsons Calcium & Vitamin D Tablets 40 Tabs Johnsons Calcium & Vitamin D Tablets 40 Tabs
7 in stock
Calcium Tablets. With phosphorus and vitamin D. Chocolate flavoured for dogs, puppies, cats and kittens. Invaluable for growing and lactating pets.
Johnsons Ear Cleanser 18ml Johnsons Ear Cleanser 18ml
19 in stock
Ear Cleanser. For regular cleaning of the ears. Softens and aids removal of wax and other debris from ear canal. Antibacterial. For dogs and cats.
Johnsons Travel-eze 24 Tablets Johnsons Travel-eze 24 Tablets
28 in stock
Travel Eze Tablets. Natural herbal product.Reduces the effect of vehicle motion and so helps dogs and cats to travel.
Nobby Salmon Oil 500ml Nobby Salmon Oil 500ml
2 in stock
100% naturally (salmon from Scotland) - food supplement for dogs and cats - rich in essential, unsaturated Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids
Smart Pill Crusher Splitter Smart Pill Crusher Splitter
3 in stock
A plastic container with features to store, cut and crush pills and tablets. Ideal for patients that will not swallow whole medications. - Integral splitter, crusher and storage - Hygienic and easy to clean - Transparent central chamber Injection moulded in tough plastic, the Crusher Splitter comprises of a cup, pill crusher, storage lid and pill splitter blade. Under the pop out lid, pills can be…
VetIQ Stool Repel 30 Tablets VetIQ Stool Repel 30 Tablets
16 in stock
Coprophagia is a behavioural condition whereby puppies and dogs consume their stool. It is a common habit in some dogs which can be distressing for the pet owner and unhygienic for the pet. VetIQ Stool Repel tablets have been specially formulated to help deter this behaviour by making the dogs own stool unpalatable to eat. VetIQ Stool Repel contains Oleoresin Capsicum, a lachrymatory agent, which…
Yucalm 60 Tab Yucalm 60 Tab
Out of stock
YuCALM Dog is a premium supplement for stressed or anxious dogs. The clever combination scientifically makes a tail-wagging difference, by supporting natural calming pathways in the brain. It's an effective way to help reduce anxiety or stress and support dogs to become more happy and playful. Feeding If your dog is taking more than 1 YuCALM Dog tablet a day we would recommend to spread the ration…
YuDerm Itching Dog 250ml YuDerm Itching Dog 250ml
4 in stock
YuDERM Itching Dog, previously YuMEGA Itchy Dog, is a premium quality supplement for dogs prone to feeling itchy. The right blend of Omega 3 and 6 oil can really help itchy dogs who scratch a lot – our premium cold-pressed oils are recommended by vets to soothe itches and calm sensitive skin. YuDERM Itching Dog is a naturally tasty oil. It’s really easy to use, simply pump the oil over your dog’s…
YuDerm Moulting Dog 250ml YuDerm Moulting Dog 250ml
1 in stock
YuDERM Moulting Dog, previously YuMEGA Dog, is a premium quality coat and skin supplement that’s full of natural essential Omega 3 and 6 oils. YuDERM Moulting Dog's premium cold-pressed Golden Flax and Starflower (Borage) oils help reduce moulting and support healthy skin. It helps to boost coat growth and condition to reduce moulting. Feeding To start with, try using half the daily recommendation…
YuDigest Dog 60 Tablets YuDigest Dog 60 Tablets
Out of stock
YuDIGEST Dog is a unique complex of prebiotics and probiotic bacteria specifically developed to actively support your dog’s digestive health and keep sensitive tummy's in tip-top shape. It works by keeping stools firm, reducing wind and increasing 'good' bacteria in the gut. Feeding YuDIGEST is a tasty tablet, so you can give it to your pet whenever is most convenient –either with their meal, or l…
YuDigest Plus 6x5g Sachets YuDigest Plus 6x5g Sachets
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YuDIGEST Plus provides a veterinary strength complex of gut-supporting natural ingredients, including a unique high strength BioActiv probiotic and prebiotic formula. If your dog has sensitive digestion, keep YuDIGEST PLUS close by. Gentle, natural and effective, it provides fast digestive support for dogs and cat to bind bacteria and toxins, top-up good bacteria and help to maintain a natural bal…
YuMove ActiveEase 60 Tablets YuMove ActiveEase 60 Tablets
1 in stock
YuMOVE Dog is our original triple action dog joint formulation, recommended for older dogs that are beginning to show joint stiffness. YuMOVE provides a concentrated source of Omega 3s proven to soothe stiff joints and maintain joint comfort. It is a tasty tablet that you feed daily Green Lipped Mussel ActivEase ® Green Lipped Mussel from the crystal-clear waters of New Zealand provide an incredib…


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