Does my dog need a coat during the winter?

As the temperature drops and the cold weather starts to set in, you may wonder if your dog needs a coat during the colder months. Luckily some dogs, particularly those with thick fur or were bred for cold climates may not require a jacket whilst others may need a little extra help to stay warm.

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Top 10 Dogs for Anxiety Sufferers or those living with PTSD

Just as much as we look after our dogs, dogs also do a lot to look after us, especially regarding emotional support. Several studies have shown that pet owners have lower resting heart rates and blood pressure levels than equivalent people without pets. It has also been observed that people who own pets tend to have less intense emotional and physical reactions to events that would otherwise be more aggravating to those without pets. As well as just calming down the nerves with their joyful presence, dogs in particular encourage more active lifestyles. The need to go outside more for morning walks for instance encourages a more healthy body and mind. If you live on your own and have suffered recent trauma, then a dog’s presence can be a significant part of the road towards a relaxed and peaceful mind and body. A study has even shown that ten minutes spent stroking a dog can reduce the production of cortisol, the stress hormone. People also have been shown to feel far fewer feelings of loneliness when they have a dog.

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How to keep your cat cool in the summer

We all know that cats can be extremely independent pets. With that said, they do need our help to make sure that they stay healthy. One of the key challenges that summer throws up when it comes to looking after your cat is the temperature rise. Just like humans, if cats get too hot, they are quite likely to suffer from dehydration. If things become more extreme, then they could even suffer from heatstroke or hyperthermia. This can in some cases be fatal, so it is very important that you have certain steps in place to make sure that your feline friend is not going to overheat over the summer months.

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Winter Dog Walking Guide

The daily walk is a central part of any dog’s life. It is what they need to keep active, healthy, and use up all that energy that might otherwise go towards causing havoc in the living room! It is also of course a beloved part of any dog owner’s life. You can feed off the excitement of your canine pal’s tail-wagging celebrations as they realise that it is time to head out for a wander. Then, when you are out and about, you too can enjoy the fresh air and the good company of a happy little animal friend.

Dog walking, however, is not the same process all through the year, especially if you live somewhere where the winters and summers can seem like different worlds! So that you and your dog are comfortable, happy and (most importantly) safe, there are some tips that it is worth following when it comes to winter walking with your dog. Follow these tips, and you will be able to have just as much refreshing and revitalising fun in those chillier months as you do in the spring and summer.

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Advantages of owning a cat water fountain

When it comes to drinking water cats can be somewhat picky, especially if their water bowl is placed next to their food as they prefer not to smell their food nearby. Cats also prefer to drink running water rather than still water or they may not like the temperature of the water. As a result of not drinking enough water many cats are prone to having kidney disease and urinary tract problems and so keeping your cat hydrated is important. This is where a cat water drinking fountain comes in place, they provide a consistent fresh flow of water for your cat.

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