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Mikki Pet Products

This collection of Mikki dog grooming products will give you everything that you need to take care of your dog's coat and nails in the most calming and supportive of ways possible for your dog. With the right accessories and a little help from a gentle and caring human friend, grooming can actually be a stress relieving process for your dog. Take a look through the range of Mikki dog grooming accessories and you will have a set of easy to use tools to help out your canine friend, even if they are especially nervous dogs!

Importance of grooming

Grooming is one of the most important parts of your role caring for your dog. The process will remove dead hair, skin and dirt, as well as stopping your dog's coat from matting. Brushing also stimulates and spreads the natural oils in the skin and fur which will help your dog's coat look glossy and beautiful. However, it is not all about the question of superficial appearance. Your grooming time is an important time to build your close connection with your dog. And last but not least, it will give you an opportunity to inspect your dog's fur and skin: this is the best time to ensure that there are no bites, bumps or lumps that you will need to get seen to by a vet.

Mikki dog brush

A brush is a very important accessory for grooming, and you can pick up some excellent quality dog brushes from Mikki in this range. The Mikki slicker brush comes in all different sizes and it will help to untangle little knots and tangles along the way. Plus, at the same time, the brush will be able to remove dead skin and hair from the undercoat. The brushes bring together a clever combination of a curved back, ergonomic handle and flexi-head, all of which allow for maximum grooming action without you having to be forceful or over the top with your brush movement.


Mikki gloves help get rid of dead skin and hair. The grippy friction created by gloves will bring away any loose hair, skin or dirt form the coat as you run your hand along your dog's fur. These are good for dogs who get a bit nervous about grooming brushes. As the motion will be just the same as if you were stroking your dog, and as there will be no other visible, separate grooming tools such as a brush, your dog will likely be more comfortable. For these reasons, gloves are a must have for either building up the grooming habit with your puppy, or starting your grooming routine with a particularly nervous dog.

Mikki nail clippers

Clipping the nails is also crucial, as longer nails can become uncomfortable for your dog. If the nails are long, your dog might even find it uncomfortable to walk around. And when they do walk around or run with their nails too long, they are at great risk of their nails getting caught on something and tearing off, causing great pain and maybe even more serious injuries that will need a veterinarian's care. This is where Mikki's guillotine clippers come in to save the day. The great thing is that they are precise and sharp, meaning that they won't get bested by thicker or longer nails; just a swift trim and your dog will be on their way! If you are worried about cutting your dog's nails take a look at our handy guide on how to clip your dog's nail.

Dog grooming kits

If you want all your accessories in one handy package, we would recommend you taking a look at the Mikki dog grooming kits. These have all those little bits that you will need to make your dog grooming a thorough and relaxing process for your dog. There are typically two types of grooming kit available, for adults and for puppies respectfully, with each set containing such items as the Slicker Brush, Anti-Tangle Comb and Flea Comb.

Mikki Bamboo Anti Tangle Comb Medium Mikki Bamboo Anti Tangle Comb Medium
3 in stock
Suitable for medium/long coats. Our planet friendly, handmade bamboo rotating tooth comb will tease through tangles as you comb through your pet's coat, ears, tail and paws. Rotating teeth help to glide through the coat Tapered handle can be used to help section the coat Sustainable bamboo
Mikki Bamboo Anti Tangle Rake Medium Mikki Bamboo Anti Tangle Rake Medium
1 in stock
Suitable for medium coats. Our planet friendly, handmade bamboo rotating tooth rake will lift dead hair as you brush through your pet's coat. Rotating, rounded tip teeth reach skin deep to tease through knots without scratching Removes loose hair and dirt from the coat Available in medium and wide tooth
Mikki Cotton Glove Mikki Cotton Glove
1 in stock
Easy to use for left and right handers Makes the coat shine Great for grooming nervous pets Long lasting and washable One size fits all The Mikki Cotton Gloves are a specially designed textured glove with circular protrusions that cause friction between the glove and coat, allowing loose and dead hair to be gathered.
Mikki Hard Pin Slicker X-Large Mikki Hard Pin Slicker X-Large
1 in stock
Removes dead hair from undercoat and top coat Helps brush out minor knots and tangles The flexible head gives a more gentle experience for you and your pet Curved back for natural action Specially firmed pins Available in small, large and xlarge The Mikki Hard Pin Slicker has specially shaped slicker pins which are mounted on an air cushion to enhance grooming action & reduce any excessive brushin…
Mikki Puppy Grooming Kit Mikki Puppy Grooming Kit
1 in stock
Helps you to build a bond with your puppy Introduces your puppy to pamper sessions so grooming becomes enjoyable Contains a Slicker Brush, Comb & Flea Comb New and improved handle on both the Slicker Brush & Anti-tangle Comb


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