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Royal Canin giant dry dog food

There are plenty of top quality meals here for giant breed dogs which will be a pleasure to their taste buds and a boost to their health. It is true that all breeds of dogs need the right kind of food for their diet in order to be happy and healthy. But it is perhaps especially important for those larger dogs which simply need to take so much on board to keep the engine firing! Within this range of Royal Canin giant breed dog food, you will find that these meals have all been specially designed to offer your lovely canine friend just what they need to keep them in tip top condition!

Royal Canin giant adult dog food

For the adult giant breed dogs, there will be just the right thing here from Royal Canin. They are known for putting in lots of time and effort into the research for their pet food, and this is just the case with these meals. Giant breeds can have joint and bone pain from the stress that they are put under, seeing as their body weight is naturally so high. To alleviate the danger of this potential issue, a healthy diet is vital. These meals offer the nutrients required to support bone and joint health, as well as cardiac health and general well-being.

Royal Canin giant junior dog food

There is also food here specially designed for junior giant breed dogs. With many smaller breed dogs, it would not be quite so important to have a specifically formulated meal for the junior age range. However, with giant dogs, this is when the second growth phase kicks in. Junior giant dogs will be developing muscle throughout this period, and so these meals support this with additional protein and L-Carnitine.

Royal Canin giant puppy dog food

The royal canin giant breed puppy food is also just as carefully and effectively devised. Giant dogs in their puppy stage will be going through intense first growth periods. Royal Canin have cleverly formulated an adapted energy content which means that this intense growth will be supported, whilst the risk of unhealthy weight gain will be reduced.

Royal Canin Giant Adult 15kg Royal Canin Giant Adult 15kg save
20% Off RRP Royal Canin Dog Food
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Giant breeds of dogs can weigh anything up to 100kg, so it’s important that their diet gives them the nutrition they need to support their size and joints, as well as their general health. That’s why ROYAL CANIN® Giant Adult is suitable for adult dogs that weight 45kg and over and is specially formulated with the nutritional needs of giant dogs like yours in mind. Because of your dog’s size, it’s…
Royal Canin Giant Puppy 15kg Royal Canin Giant Puppy 15kg save
20% Off RRP Royal Canin Dog Food
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Giant dogs take around 18-24 months to reach their adult weight of 45+ kg. During this time, their nutritional needs evolve, so we have developed two diets: ROYAL CANIN® Giant Puppy, to be fed between 2 and 8 months, and ROYAL CANIN® Giant Junior, for the period of 8 to 18/24 months. During your giant-breed puppy’s intense growth period, they need enough calories and the right nutrients to grow he…


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