Coronavirus and Pets

The new form of coronavirus, labelled Covid-19, began to spread in the seafood markets in the city of Wuhan in China. Although it spread from those dealing with and eating animals, it is in its current stage only affecting humans. A viral condition, it causes coughing, general breathing difficulty, and high temperatures. Those who have died from contracting the virus have often suffered from pneumonia, and in rare cases the virus has led to complications concluding in organ failure.
This is clearly a very serious state of affairs, but, as with anything that becomes of such critical stakes, one of the most important thing is to seek out all the official information possible, and to be open at all times to receive official communication on the events as they develop. As a pet owner, you may well be wondering if animals are at risk from Covid-19, and the good news is that there is currently no evidence that animals can suffer from the virus.

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New Puppy Guide

New puppy time is one of the best times in the world. OK, so that might not be a scientific fact but we believe it to be true. The joys that you will get from welcoming a new bundle of canine joy into your home and your family are many. But it is important to be prepared too, as taking on a puppy is just as much a responsibility as it is a joy.

New Puppy Guide

Take a look through guide and you should get a good sense of how best to prepare for the arrival of your new puppy into your home.

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The Benefits of Dog Walking

January is officially Walk Your Dog Month! For us dog owners, it is of course “walk your dog month” every month, but this is a time in particular to take stock of all the reasons why it is beneficial to get out there with your little canine friend as much as possible. There are so many benefits to taking your dog for a walk, both for the well-being of your dog and for your own well-being; we’ve taken a minute to give you a breakdown of these benefits.

dog walking
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Keep your cat safe during Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time for us humans – and pets should be a part of this too! But this means that we all need to look out for the potential dangers for our pets that come along with many of the joys and wonders of Christmas! Take a look through this list where we have detailed some of the things that you need to watch out for if you are a cat owner at this time of the year.

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Keep your dog safe during Christmas

For us humans Christmas is a magical and exciting time but for dogs it can be a scary time. There are many things that could cause harm to your dog including decorations, certain Christmas presents, tasty food, plants and much more. Take a look at our list of hazardous items to look out for.

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Cats and Fireworks: how to keep your pet safe and calm

Loud noises, unusual sounds and bright lights can make cats feel anxious or even completely terrified. All of which makes fireworks very scary for felines. But with a little planning and effort, you can reduce the chances of your furry friend feeling stressed and running away.

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Dogs and Fireworks: How to keep your dog calm

Fireworks are fabulous but only for people! Many dogs are terrified by all those bangs, whistles, burning smells and bright lights. Firework displays can cause a great deal of canine stress. It is no coincidence that so many runaways occur on the nights when we unleash the pyrotechnics.

Keep your dog calm during the fireworks

How do you prepare your pooch for fireworks and ensure that they remain stress-free?

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Halloween Safety for pets

Who doesn’t enjoy the fun and high jinx of Halloween? It’s a special night of the year for kids and big kids alike. But hazards lurk around every corner for your pets who can find the celebrations stressful. Animals won’t understand what is happening and your Halloween props can be scarily dangerous for your furry friends.

The Witching hour approaches. Here’s how to ensure that your pets are safe and that your celebrations don’t come back to haunt you!

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Brexit – travelling with pets from Ireland and the UK

Brexit! It’s a word that nobody wants to hear anymore. After three years of debate, arguments, bitterness and recrimination, the UK is no nearer leaving the EU. When your dog starts barking or your parrot begins squawking, consider that they just might be screaming “get on with it!”. Many people are now rapidly losing the will to live and it is a sorry situation. Uncertainty rules and that is a big problem.

Brexit – travelling with pets from Ireland and the UK

If you are planning a trip in the next year or so, Brexit will be at the forefront of your mind, especially if you intend to travel with your pets. Deal or no deal, Brexit could impact your plans. Here’s everything you need to know about travelling with your pet, should the UK ever leave the EU. Please note that the regulations apply to cats, dogs and ferrets.

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Toxic Algae – Danger to Dogs

Toxic Algae - Danger to Dogs

Experts have advised that you ought to take extra precautions when you are walking your dog through areas which may have water infected with toxic algae at the moment. This advise comes after several areas have been confirmed to have been affected. There have been reports of toxic algae being present for instance in Killarney as well as some areas of Northern Ireland too. In the UK moreover, toxic algae has been detected in areas such as Southampton, Fleet, Cornwall, Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire this summer. In Scotland meanwhile, among the areas which have been confirmed to have had toxic algae in the waters are Elgin and Edinburgh.

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