How to attract wild birds to your garden in the winter

Many people speak of the joys of birdsong in the spring months, but it should not be overlooked how much joy that some vibrant birdlife can bring the winter too! The cheerful chirps and energetic swoops of wild birds can give everyone a lovely spring in their step even in the depths of midwinter. Furthermore, through this colder and darker time of the year, it is even more crucial that you play your part in helping the birdlife thrive.

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Orange Tick Warning

Warnings are currently being put out about cases of seasonal canine illness caused by orange harvest ticks. During this time of the year, the presence of these kinds of ticks, which will show up as orange in the fur, has been found to cause potentially severe illness in dogs. As it has its most probable source in harvest mites, the illness is at its peak in the September to October period. As such, experts, who have already noted cases in the west of the UK this year, have issued an orange tick warning.

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Why are dogs scared of fireworks?

Most people really enjoy fireworks. The colourful displays have a magical quality and those loud bangs create a sense of excitement. But most dogs don’t react well to aerial pyrotechnics and some are simply terrified by them. It is estimated that 40% of dogs are scared by fireworks to some degree. More canine runaways occur on nights when there are fireworks than at any other time and that means that displays are important issues which shouldn’t be ignored. But why are dogs so scared of fireworks?

why are dogs scared of fireworks
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4 Ways to protect your dog from a heatstroke

We are all excited by the coming of the summer months as it means that we (should hopefully!) get some sunnier and warmer weather! But, with that said, the rising of the temperature over the summer does also mean that we need to make sure that we are taking extra care for our pets. Heatstroke can be a very serious and nasty situation for your dog if it arises, but have no fear! There are some simply and effective steps that you can follow to ensure that your lovely canine friend stays happy and healthy through the hotter months.

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How to prepare your pet as you return to work

As countries across the world ease off their lockdown regulations, it will become increasingly important for you to prepare your pets for when you go back to work. One of the silver lining situations of the quarantine period has been that pets and pet owners have been able to spend much more time with each other. But, because this has been the case, it will now be worth thinking about how to support your pet through the shift that might occur as you begin to go back to work away from home.

Back to work after lockdown
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