Dog Friendly Destinations to visit in the UK 2019

It’s always a lovely time of the year when you can kick back, take a break, and set off to a wonderful location in the UK to relax, explore and unwind. Whether it is a bank holiday weekend, a full blown holiday, or just a road trip to somewhere you’ve always fancied checking out, a change of scenery always does you good. But what about your most gorgeous of canine friends? Do they not get to come along with you and broaden their horizons? Of course they do!

Taking your dog to a beautiful location in the UK is perfectly doable and, let’s face it, it just wouldn’t be the same without them. All you need to do is fire up the internet machine and get exploring! But, because we’re handy like that, we’ve decided to get the ball rolling with a few ideas of our own of dog friendly destinations to visit in the UK this year.

Dog Friendly Destinations to visit in the UK 2019
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Getting Fussy Dogs to Eat

It is important that dogs eat plenty of food so that they have enough energy, protein, minerals and general nutrients to stay active and to physically thrive, so it can be a bit of a problem when they become a bit of a fussy eater.

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