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Crave Dog Treats

The key to all Crave's pet food is that the recipes are made to link up with your dog's ancestral diet. In particular, all their recipes revolve around high quality animal protein content which is as closely aligned as possible to the ancestral food that your pet will be biologically built to thrive on. This much is the case with Crave's high protein dog treats. They have cut out all the unnecessary stuff. That means no grain filler, no artificial colours and no artificial flavourings. What you are left with is all the natural and tasty goodness which your dog will love to eat.

High quality animal protein

In the treats which Crave offer up, the animal protein - whether it is chicken, lamb, turkey or beef - is of a high quality. In other words, this is not sourced as processed meat, but is bought from a fresh and natural source. Your dog needs their protein so that muscle growth and maintenance is supported. This is what will make sure your bundle of fur and joy can bound along on their merry way when it's time for walkies! Because the animal protein is from a natural, fresh source, it also comes with the added bonus of vitamins and minerals which will be a boost to the health and wellbeing of your dog. With Crave treats, you are not giving your dog any maze, wheat, soya or dairy filler. These would not easily digestible for dogs, so they are left out of these tasty bites. Crave instead stick to ingredients that your dog will naturally crave!

Sustainably produced dog treats

On top of all this, Crave are part of the Mars brand, and as such they are part of Mars's programme of sustainable production and development. This means that all the ingredients have been sourced in a responsible and sustainable manner, and that they have a zero waste to landfill policy across all their EU operation centres. Plus, out of 13 of their factories, they operate of 100% green electricity in 10 and counting! This all means you can help your dog be happy and healthy while helping to keep the planet which your dog enjoys as healthy and happy as possible too.

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