How to keep your dog cool in the hot weather

We all love the summer – although we can’t be assured of lovely weather every day during this period, the raised temperatures and the increased amount of sun is always a welcome change to many of us who want to get outside and soak up some rays now and then.

But what about our dogs? Do they enjoy this change in weather?

Well, there is every reason that they can enjoy it. But, in fact just as is the case with us humans, especially in the case of children and the elderly, with dogs you do need to make sure that you are taking precautions to ensure that they are not overheating or becoming dehydrated.

Some of the main precautions involve the simple common-sense business of making sure there is always a bowl of refreshing water out for your dog to drink. But then there are some dog cooling products which you can invest in which will also be arguably just as important in terms of keeping your dog cool on especially hot days.

Cooling down pool

Paddling pools are not just for kids, you know! For, in the summer months, a little fold up pool can be wonderfully refreshing for your dog. Place it away from direct sunlight and your dog will be able to jump in and enjoy the cooling feeling of the water on their coat and skin.

foldable dog pool

Swimming gear

Alternatively, if you live near a stream, pond or another body of water, you can always let your dog swim in it to cool down. You can even buy your dog a high viz life jacket to make sure they are extra safe.

life jacket for dogs

Although, the cooling pool is preferable, as dogs swimming properly on hot days can lead to exhaustion. But, with all of this, whether your dog is taking a dip out in the wild or in your fold up pool, a good quality microfibre towel will be handy to help dry your dog’s coat.

microfibre pet towel

Cooling mat

Another option is a cooling mat. You can get your hands on some cooling mats which are cleverly activated by any weight exerted onto them, meaning that as your dog lies down on the mat, the mat will drop in temperature by up to 10 degrees lower than the surrounding heat. As is the case with the pool, you should place it out of direct sunlight. What is great about this option too is that it will use no refrigeration, electricity or even water. The mat simply recharges once pressure is taken off the surface.

cooling mat for pets

Cooling pet pad

Somewhat similar to the cooling mat, the cooling pet pad is probably the step up in terms of comfort. Made as a durable and comforting cool area for you dog to lie down on hot days, we are sure that this would be the ideal napping spot for your dog on a baking summer’s day.

Cool collar

If you want to ensure that your dog is cool all the time, even when strolling about away from the cooling mat or pad, you can always go for the helping hand of a cooling collar. Simply attach this comfortable collar around the neck of your dog, and they will be kept cool without you having any need to refrigerate the collar.

rosewood chillax cool dog collar

Cool Soak Toys

Another really inventive creation which has been thought up is the cool soak toys, which has a water component inside it. By sticking it in the freezer overnight, you will have yourself the ultimate doggy chew toy for outdoor play on a warmer summer’s day!

rosewood chillax cool soak toy

Extra tips

As well as purchasing some products which have been specially designed for you to be able to keep your dog cool with, there are also some general rules that you would do well to follow. The first is to take your dog out for a walk only during the coolest points of the day, with early in the morning being preferable, and then later in the evening being the second-best time.

Another thing that becomes extremely important in the summer is grooming. Not only does regular grooming help your dog to remain feeling cooler and fresher without all the extraneous fur, it also serves as an important chance for you to check for any ticks or other insects which might be causing irritation or worse in your dog’s fur, and this is especially important in the summer as this is when insects thrive.

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